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N1 Kitchen System

A complete outdoor kitchen system for long term excursion.

N1 Kitchen System

The N1 Kitchen System is a project to bring the experiences of a beautiful indoor kitchen and translate them into an outdoor environment. Created to be setup at a base camp, the kitchen provided explorers, scientists, adventurers, photographers, videographers and others amenities to overcome strenuous outdoor environments. Featured on TreeHugger & Yanko Design

A set of principles and responsibilities for the kitchen system were created to focus our design process on the defining qualities of the user, the system and the experience. The principles provided a visual reminder for each member of the team and allowed consistent checking of ideas and thoughts against our values moving everyone forward.

Rough sketches, paper prototypes, medium fidelity prototypes and renders allowed constant iteration, studying and testing of ideas. Compared against our values, the ideas were constantly evaluated and discussed which allowed further iteration and inspiration at all levels of the project's process while maintaining focus. Functional prototypes of the stove and cutting board provided testing and understanding of the system's interactions.

We explored shapes and identified the circle as our foundational interface. Contrasting with the hard lines of the structure, the circles became identifiable as forms of interaction and physical manipulation.

One of the primary elements of the kitchen is the stove system. The stove's temperature is adjusted by rotating the pot around the stove's burners, aligning with a specific burner changes the temperature from low to high. The pots fit along an indentation creating a track for the pot to turn. This also efficiently aligns the pot over the burners and provided traction against potential gusts of wind.

Using the cooking pots or pans as controllers allowed us to remove knobs and dials that may break or become damaged in various outdoor environments. Accessory holders and hidden storage extended use, adapting to the user's needs, while maintaining a small space footprint.

The storage system uses a sturdy smart glass to reveal food supplies by changing the opacity of the surface as supply numbers decrease. The changing opacity creates a visual understanding of supply quantities allowing the users the ability to restock or better ration their supplies.

A self proportioning cutting board uses an embedded e-ink display to visual divide the surface for up to six people. Each section is individually weighed to maintain equal portions and provide proper nutrition for the entire team. The cutting board slides to the sink for easy transfer to plates or bowls while also providing relevant preparation supplies underneath.

The entire system fits into a small storage box that can be transported anywhere in the world. The space space of the storage box allows it to take up a small space when not needed. Individual components can be shipped in separate storage containers to provide additional storage, stove or preparation space based on the user's needs.

Another line of the system was developed for indoor home use. The smaller n2 kitchen system provides an adaptable and modular kitchen for small space living.